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"Solar" is one of a kind piece made by artist Ana Morais.

It is an unique and vibrant piece sustainably created from 100% recycled cardboard into a material called cardcrete (developed using cardboard waste, and has a tactile rough texture).

Sustainably created, these pieces turn trash into beautiful art objects that can be used decoratively in any interior vignette.


"Solar" é uma peça única da artista Ana Morais.

Peça única criada de forma sustentável a partir de cartão 100% reciclado no material chamado cardcrete (desenvolvido a partir de resíduos de cartão, possuindo uma textura irregular).

Criadas de forma sustentável, estas peças transformam o desperdício em bonitos objetos de arte que podem ser usados decorativamente em qualquer ambiente de interiores.


100% Recycled Cardboard


H 21 cm x Bowl Diameter 21 cm

Care information

- This piece is not water tight - do not submerge or fill with water.
- Intended for use with dry decorative objects, or simply as a work of art.
- This vessel has been hand painted with a matte finish, please handle with care to avoid scratching.
- A water resistant sealer has been applied to the base and internal surfaces.
- Dust external surfaces with a soft, dry, colour free cloth.
- Intended for use with dry decorative objects, or simply as a work of art.

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